LGAcast 041 – Big Streamers & eSports Players Should Be Held To A Higher Standard + Guest & Founder of LGA Aidan

This week the gang minus Frost is joined by the original founder of LGA, Aidan, for the second time, and things get HEATED when they discuss esports players cheating, even when off the clock. But that’s a little later in the episode. First Aidan discusses his role at LGA, which heavily involves the Discord server (which can be found at chat.litgamingarena.com). LGA has one of the oldest servers on Discord!

Disney Plus officially launched, and Justin has a few words to say about The Mandelorian (It’s good, watch it!!) and there’s news that the earlier seasons of The Simpsons are in the WRONG aspect ratio, cutting off quite a bit of visual material. Aidan discusses Age of Empires Definitive Edition, which has just come out and has a lot of great things to say about the game, plus a little funfact about the series! Marcus got his fingers into Death Stranding and reports his thoughts and feelings about the game so far. 

In news, once again, things get HEATED discussing FaZe clan and Jarvis’s cheating, plus statements made by Ninja that doesn’t make them very happy. In more terrible news, Mario Kart World Tour is doing terriffic and is making a lot of money, so that’s grim for the future of Nintendo mobile games. Lastly, Justin jokingly runs down some of the Black Friday deals from the WalMart flyer and there’s nothing really great at all about them! And right at the bottom of the episode, Justin leaves off with a small teaser of what might be to come when Season 2 of the LGAcast drops!

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