LGAcast 035 – The Minute I Bought A House I Became A Boomer

It’s time for Episode 35 of the LGAcast, and since the podcast has been downloaded over 1000 times, it’s time for a giveaway. Stay tuned into the episode for the full details on how to enter! But in the meantime there’s still business to discuss. On this episode Frost calls out podcast listeners who don’t start at the very beginning of a podcast when they start a new one and talks about how much better the Adventures in Disney Land game is than Kingdom Hearts 3. Justin is back to his old self, not making time for video games again, and as usual, it’s no big deal because Marcus has plenty to talk about, including some horror movie reccomendations since it IS Spooptober!

Some of the top news covered this week is racism in the esports scene with Echo Fox, Randy Pitchford performs the greatest magic trick of all and makes his lawsuit disappear, Sony will begin allowing crossplay, FINALLY! Plus tons more

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