LGAcast 044 – Coca Cola Bottles With Little Glowing Lightsabers On Them

Oh boy do we have an action-packed episode for you this week. Right off the bat the crew gets INVADED by the infamous Shart Select Podcast and are recruited to go fight with them in what is the Lit Gaming Arena’s entrance into the second episode of the Podverse. The Podcast AI however recalls Marcus and Justin so the rest can be recorded without interruption!

This episode is made of tangents, from talking about anime: Food Wars, My Hero Academia, and Tiger and Bunny, to discussing Mario’s Age, to Xmen Apocalypse, Pasta theory, and Marcus even tells a story about how he stole two bikes from some kids! And you know what? He’s the hero of that story!

For video game talk, Marcus discussed his progress in Death Stranding, claiming it to be the best game to play while listening to podcasts. The Riot Gender Discrimination Lawsuit is settled, and there’s a brand new Super Mario Maker 2 update that adds LINK!!

Bonus: The newest announced Snapdragon mobile chips will feature GPU drivers you can download from the Google Play store. How neat is that?

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