LGAcast 027 – Game Fuela Matata

This week’s episode hit MAXIMUM POWER thanks to Mountain Dew Game Fuel, in some hope that maybe someday they might sponsor us (very unlikely!) but mostly to see if it actually works! It certainly improved the aim of our mouths towards the microphones! This gag does not go away the entire episode, you have been warned! But it does keep the energy level at MAX! In actual game related stuff, we discuss more Borderlands 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and some crappy mobile game Justin played. In our newer segement in which we interact with Twitter comments, we discuss building your own PC for gaming, or buying pre-built and the pros and cons of each.

More bonus comment this week is a special press release from Gamer Scrooge, the world’s oldest gamer, calling out Nintendo of America for dropping the ball when it comes to special releases, and gambling in games. Don’t miss this episode, there’s enough energy here to last you a whole work-week!

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