What You Get With Stadia Pro and Stadia Founder’s Edition

Stadia promotional with controllers

Earlier this week, Google announced the details along with a release date for its video game streaming service, Stadia.

Stadia will work similarly to how PlayStation Plus works where you will have a list of games available for you to stream. This service will be available this November and will provide two membership options to subscribers.

For the early birds, Google has a Founder’s Edition running for $129.99 with pre-orders for games starting as soon as you subscribe. Along with this, players will get a night blue controller (retail price $69), a Chromecast Ultra, three months of Stadia Pro, and a Buddy Pass. The Buddy Pass will allow you to share your Pro status with a friend and will only be available to those with the Founder’s Edition. It seems worth it to check out in the very least which you can do by pre-ordering here.

Stadia Pro will include the following:
$9.99 monthly subscription

  • +Stadia Base
  • 4k/60fps/HDR with 5.1 surround sound
  • Free games
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Limited time offer of Destiny 2 that includes the add ons and latest expansion with the annual pass

Stadia Base is free to subscribe and includes 1080p/60fps with stereo sound and games you can buy and keep directly from the service.

You will be able to access Stadia on your Chrome browser, computer, or Pixel 3 or 3a phone.

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