Pride Month: Gone Home

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It’s Pride Month and Lit Gaming Arena would like to celebrate by revisiting some of our favorite LGBTQ+ games, which unfortunately are still very few and far between. But progress is progress, and the world is constantly changing for what we hope is better. The games discussed in these articles will have a personal meaning to the writer, me, as I share my experience with them from the perspective of a pansexual woman.

Gone Home is an interactive exploration simulator created by Fullbright Company. It has a compelling story that keeps the player interested and curious to uncover more of the story bit by bit. This game follows the protagonist Katie Greenbriar as she returns home to find her childhood house empty. As Katie moves through the home, she uncovers different secrets about the house both known and unknown to her, each time picking up on pieces of her sister Samantha’s life.

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As Katie progresses, she picks up notes left behind by Samantha and experiences the house through her sister’s eyes and history. Initially, the game feels like a murder mystery, but unfolding the truth of the story is much more satisfying than any murder mystery. We discover that Samantha has had trouble between school, her social life, and her home life. Eventually, we find out that Sam is gay and we have the privilege of hearing what being gay is like for a young teen still in high school.

Gone Home is based in the past, taking place in the 1990s, so Sam’s struggles with coming to terms with her homosexuality is a familiar song that those of us from older generations understand very intimately.

This game provides a unique historical look into what the not-so-distant past looked like, allowing the player to see where we were concerning equality for homosexuality just a short time ago. Additionally, it still remains relatable for more youthful players. Sam’s struggles with her parents and wanting to revel in the intoxicating sensation of her first love are all things anyone can understand, gay or straight.

Gone Home is a relatively short and sweet game, running from around 1-2 hours of gameplay. If you’re looking for something that has more interactive storytelling, check out Gone Home and let us know how it went!

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