Help Rebuild Posh Nails!

tl;dr: Go support Posh Nails after a catastrophic accident!

While LGA tries to keep our content more or less focused on esports and entertainment, sometimes things happen in our lives that hit closer to home than we’d like. It’s in times like these that we have to drop our priorities and ask for a moment’s time and for help.

Our family has owned and operated Posh Nails in Billings, MT for over 9 years. Today, a truck plowed through the building, completely destroying Posh and pinning its owner, one of our family members, Susan Martinez under the truck and rubble.

In the fallout of this catastrophe, a second family member and co-owner of Posh, Sharon Martinez, had part of the roof collapsed on her. Despite this, she was quick and dug Susan from the debris.

Sharon escaped with bruising to her arms and back, while Susan was able to walk away with burns on her legs and nothing more. It’s a miracle that no one was killed. Things could have been so much worse, and we are so thankful to have our family still intact and safe.

To add insult to injury, the driver that caused this devastating damage to our family business was driving on a suspended license with no insurance. We have started a GoFundMe to help pick up any slack that our business insurance might not cover.

We take a pause from our usual content to ask if you would help to contribute to our family while we pick up the pieces.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Link to GoFundMe:

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