Smash Pro Player Almost Takes a Crab to the Head

Esports events are up and coming in popularity, and they are far from being boring as proven when Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma was assaulted by a most unusual weapon.

As seen above in his tweet, someone took it upon themselves to hurl a crab at him while he was on stage after competing with Joseph “Mango” Marquez.

This weekend, Pound held its 2019 tournament for Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Smash Bros Ultimate in Laurel, Maryland. It was a big event all around with over 1,500 attendees.

During the grand final, Hungrybox, the world’s top player for Smash Melee, beat Mango after a bracket reset. When he was about to stand for his win, someone lopped a crab at DeBiedma’s head from somewhere in the crowd, missing him, but not going unnoticed by the champion as he responded by demanding that the culprit speak up.

The individual was caught and kicked out, thankfully.

Hungrybox fought hard throughout the tournament, spending most of it in the losing bracket, only to win it all in the end during a final showdown against Mango. Clearly, others weren’t so happy for him.

Despite his top player position, some Smash fans aren’t exactly fans of Hungrybox which is due, he theorizes, to his player of choice, Jigglypuff. You can read his article about it in “Everybody Hates Jigglypuff.

Regardless of what fighters you like or don’t like, it’s not okay to throw things at anyone, even if it is a deliciously steamed crustation.

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