Null’s Reviews: Owlboy

Custom art drawn by Null. Sabort-toothed tiger girl.

Our official LGA pro-team player, Nullx, is here to tell us about her experiences with Owlboy, a game that was released by D-Pad Studio in 2016. Despite the its age, this game has Null’s official seal of approval and badge of beauty.

“Beautiful,” says Null if she had to describe the game with one word.

Owlboy is available on the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC with Null having chosen to play it on PC which only added to the overall pleasurable experience for her. In both gameplay, design, and mechanics. Null was utterly impressed and delighted.

“The mechanics of the game were as smooth as butter in my opinion! Moving around with the mouse and the keyboard felt so familiar to me. I loved dashing with the spacebar and seamlessly moving around the beautiful scenery. The camera in the game was fixated on the main character for most of the time, making it pretty easy to keep my eye on him while I flipped around in battles or while completing puzzles!”

D-Pad Studio’s game offers just the right balance between gameplay, challenges, and plot. “Otus, the successor to the Owl’s heritage, decides to take his friend, Geddy, to save his hometown and the rest of the lands that he lived in from floating out of the atmosphere.” A plot that was indeed intriguing, captivating, and entrancing that had Null “pulled in and obsessed!”

Null states that as the game progressed, so did the challenge. “I loved how once you got down the mechanics, the game felt like it was so unique to navigate in your own style of using them to your advantage.”

Watch Null’s footage of playing here and be sure to subscribe to her official Twitch for future live streaming events!

Graphically, Null says that the game was “very clear and smooth.” Not just the scenery, but down to the character designs and personalities as well. She notes that Otus, the main character, was uniquely designed with a variety of expressions and great interactions with NPC’s. Even the NPCs themselves were “so cute and funny that I found myself playing the game just to see more of the adorable emotion filled adventures.”

The game did such a great job at weaving together all elements seamlessly, matching them, and making them smooth to interact with, right down even to the UI that was “as expected, beautiful, and creative. It could be easily used with the single click of a couple of buttons and was very well organized and easy to learn.”

“The most memorable part of the game for me was at the very end where Otus is seen sitting and talking with Master Asio. Otus, having been silent throughout the game, finally spoke, showing nothing but compassion and genuine care for his friends and the world that he saved. Throughout the entire time,  shed nothing but tears; it moved me so much! The game really knows when and how to pull at your heartstrings, hehe-”

It sounds like a fabulous game so much so that even I want to check it out. Owlboy sounds like it’s right up my alley!

How about you? Do you suppose you might want to check it out after reading this article? Or perhaps you’ve already played it in which case you can share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below.

A big thanks to Nullx for her review!  

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