Happy Anniversary, Lofty Smalls

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The month of April marks the first year anniversary for Lofty Smalls’s YouTube account. That in and of itself deserves a pat on the back! It’s one thing to call yourself a YouTuber in this tough day and age in social media, it’s another entirely to stick through it and keep producing consistently hilarious content despite the views and despite the subscribers. That’s not easy, so my hat is off to you, ya smelly wank.

I met Lofty in a Discord art discussion, and we became fast friends. When he shared his YouTube channel with me I was utterly shocked by the level of quality, sound, and production he had going for him. And then I looked at the subscriber count and immediately knew that we needed an LGA partnership with him to skyrocket off into success!

Since then, I’ve been publishing articles for each video and have been pushing him across our social media. As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been at this for very long since I’ve only published about 3 articles now, but let’s go past those three articles and delve into the history of Lofty.

One year ago, Lofty’s first video was the dedicated, precious love child for both a school project and a little dip of the toes into the realm of YouTube entertainment. He recalls the event being tirelessly painful due to the length of the video and the amount of time it took to edit it. His first video was a more in-depth and realist review for Fallout 4. Humorously, it was at this time that he had to come to terms with the reality that despite his blind love for the series, the game actually (kind of) sucked as the title suggests.

Lofty then went out some time later with a different approach, instead choosing shorter run time and a more comical approach to explaining his point. And that did do some good for his less dedicated, more fun project video wound up being his most popular one to date. If you haven’t checked out be sure to by clicking on the video below.

Since then, Lofty has been posting game related videos 1-3 times per month, often in regards to his channel’s honeymoon topic, Fallout, but also concerning some other gems. Like his Lord of the Rings ‘rant’ which is my personal favorite.

And my second favorite going over Elder Scrolls and the music it so desperately needs. Preach, my brother!

All in all and throughout this last year, Lofty has tried a few methods of sharing well thought out and humorous content.

What are some of your favorite videos from Lofty? What types of formats would you like to see from him more? Share in the comments below.

And for you Lofty fans out there that might have missed out, be sure to check out Lofty’s latest videos here!

Spout thine opinionations from the Lofty mountain tops like a Small bugle ye miscreants of the dilapidated world! May ye see the light of a man not half as witted as he is psychologically disrupt! Peace be to those who breathe the breath of vile toxins, and death be to those who breathe not! Such is the way of this plane! Such are the ways of our people! Such, is such!  

  • Lofty Smalls in Early 2019 as he edits this Article, the waxing glisten of snow’s tops being present on but a handful of days.

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