Lofty Says Sekiro is Easier Than you Think

Thumbnail "Sekiro is Easier Than you Think" from Lofty's YouTube

Our dear Lofty is back with a fresh new Sekiro Shadows Die Twice video. This time, unlike in the last video where he worked with no context and only a handful of assumptions, Lofty has played the game and has all of the right information to bring you some top notch quality entertainment.

It’s surprising to hear someone say that Sekiro is easy, and Lofty’s perspective on it is interesting to hear. Especially since all I’ve been hearing about the game is how hard it is, and that I should stay away from it because of said fact. Whether people are warning me out of good intentions to save me from sanity and anger management issues, or because of preconceived notions that I suck at games is hard to tell.

After watching Lofty’s review, I almost feel like I could successfully play the game. He does note the challenges that do exist in the game, but the break down of the actual mechanics makes it seem less intimidating from an outsider’s perspective such as my own.

Click on the video down below to view Lofty’s unofficial-official review on From Software’s latest and greatest game and see for yourself if what he said is true!

You can look forward to a more content coming your way this week from Lofty. So in the meantime, why don’t you give a like and subscribe to Lofty’s YouTube channel.

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