LGA Pyre at NYXL’s Lan Event

LGA Pyre Team. Bottom row from right: Erebos8 , Flair, washing ur wand, and PoisonedFlamez. Top row from right: NullX, Rajinkanth, Mandexman, Luminous Off Tank, ace,,,, Skeptic, and Windows

LGA Pyre embarked on a journey guided by team captain Erebos8 at the beginning of this month to NYXL’s Lan event held in North Bergen, NJ. In total, our team was able to spend a long day together traveling and enjoying each other’s company for a long day of fun and celebration.

Check out our official video down below which was so beautifully put together by our very own team member, Luminous Off Tank, or Lumi for short.

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And a very happy birthday indeed to our second in command Mandexman. Diggin’ that Paw Patrol birthday theme for sure.

NYXL’s staff ran the event while the team themselves were away in LA for OWL, but don’t worry the team was sure to show their hospitality despite their absence by sending some pizza to the players.

Our team went 2-1 and took a map off of T500 which is indeed very impressive and exciting for us all to take up. Any progress and show of great effort from our new team is something to always give a clap for. We can only go up from here, right?

While this isn’t Pyre’s official debut, we couldn’t help but promote such an awesome highlight video.

Stay tuned for Pyre’s official debut complete with a few goodies and events!

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