Lofty Smalls Shares his Opinion on Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Sheild thumbnail for Lofty Smalls YouTube video.

Earlier this week at LGA, we announced that we will be sponsoring and partnering up with YouTuber Lofty Smalls. Haven’t heard of him? Well, you should, and you should go subscribe to him. Like, go smash his subscribe button with the biggest appendage you have. Use your imagination.

So, Pokemon Sword and Shield was recently announced and the hype has gone off into oblivion. It’s amazing that no matter how many games Nintendo churns out for Pokemon, the fandom still goes on hard and strong. The masses will always be there for Nintendo in the end.

Rather than presenting an aesthetically appealing video of game footage for Sword and Shield, I’ve opted to showcase Lofty’s hard work as I believe he captures the excitement, confusion, and general giddiness one has when new games to our beloved series get announced.

LGA will continue to feature Lofty’s work so check back in for updates, or join his YouTube channel here.

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