LGAcast 010 – Repeating History and Games that are Free

This week we are down a co-host once again, Frost was sick and instead chose to sleep! So in true form, Marcus and Justin record our longest episode yet! We still managed to get some talk of Kingdom Hearts in, discussing what worlds that should have been in the game, what ones could have been cut, and how some could have changed.

In our new segment F U T U R E H E A D L I N E S we discuss a dystopian future when a certain game never happens. Plus EA will inevitably ruin a good thing, as has been proven time and time again. Justin is still sore over a decade after what they did to Westwood. For some reason we were heavy on RTS talk today! Will history repeat itself with Respawn and Apex Legends? We HOPE not! It’s a pretty good game, that’s why it had ten MILLION players in the first 72 hours!

And in a non-video game twist, we dig our hands into the recent Liam Neeson scandal. Should he be digitally removed from the new Men In Black movie coming out this summer? The internet is becoming an insane dystopian version of itself where people should be afraid of actually opening up their vulnerabilities lest they be savagely attacked and deleted from existence! We certainly don’t believe his emotional response fourty years ago reflects on who he is today, at least to our knowledge.

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