LGAcast 009 – Kingdom Hearts and Fun Ruining Old Farts

After some technical difficulties, Frost is back and she has exciting news to share. What is it you may ask? Well you’ll have to tune in and find out! What game is Marcus playing this week? Well let’s say it’s a VERY good remaster. Justin has stuff to say about Kingdom Hearts 3, because his heart is too full of hatred to enjoy it, and it inevitably leads to a surprise guest showing up in studio. We also discover Disney’s sinister plan to keep Mickey out of public domain.

This episode Justin debuts his new segment, F U T U R E H E A D L I N E S. Justin believes he traveled into the future to bring back headlines of something that may happen in the video game world, but it’s probably more likely he was in an alternate dimension so his headlines will never happen. In addition to that, Justin has a theory that Fortnite wants to kill off Second Life, and Marcus adds that their end goal with the store is that you have to buy games from within Fortnite, what a terrible, but great idea.

Marcus also discussed Playstation 5 rumors, that the day after we recorded, were somewhat confirmed by some patents Sony filed that we will discuss next episode. All that and much more, including a SECOND surprise guest!

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