LGAcast 008 – A Frosty Mystery

This week we lost Frost in a tragic accident before she could even talk about the games she played. But don’t worry about that, because she’s back next week and with some BIG NEWS so don’t miss it! Because of that, our discussion on what we played is pretty light, Justin has a change of heart on Mud Runner, and Marcus is still chipping away at Mario.

With a lack of other subjects to talk about, Marcus and Justin get lost in the news, and as it turns out, there’s a lot of news! Kingdom Hearts comes out soon, and there’s a little controversy over that. We also talk about a pile of money (Star Citizen), and at the same time Justin makes himself look poor by talking about how he almost wasn’t able to get a Project Scorpio Edition Xbox One X.

Listen in as we dive head first into the video game topics that all your friends are talking about!

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