LGAcast 006 – Too Much Hardware!

It’s CES 2019 this week so for today’s episode we have all of that hardware news to cram into your ears! What is “The Wall” you ask? We’ll tell you! And some other crazy stuff happened in the gaming section of the news related to Epic and Unity that we give you the hot details on!

This week Frost played the most video games so she wins this time. Justin is so pathetic that he had a whole week to finish Celeste and STILL couldn’t do it before the recording.

Last week we announced we would be doing audio reviews, but we didn’t have a name, well this week we are announcing when it is happening, and that is NOW! Wednesday is the first episode of Lit Gaming Arena: GG, so check back here for the details on wednesday as it will be on a different podcast feed, you don’t want to miss this! If you didn’t think we talked enough about video games, get ready for a podcast where we talk about a single video game! And then give it a score!

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