Christmas in Our Games


Christmas is just around the corner with it being less than a week away. Fare thee well 2018. You were interesting and took only a few precious things away from me. RIP Anthony Bourdain. But it’s unfair to really let the door hit 2018 on its way out. We did get some neat things out of this year from Super Mario Party to the Fortnite explosion, to Game of the Year and nominee God of War and Red Dead Redemption II, we’ve seen a lot come and go. And Rockstar has assured us that they intend to stay as relevant as possible as time goes by.

This week in Red Dead Online, visit the salons around Valentine, Saint-Denis, and Blackwater and you’ll hear the merry tune of Christmas songs being played on piano to help you get into some historically accurate holiday spirit. The list of songs is extensive and covers all of the classics as can be seen in the video below.

Do they serve hard egg nog behind the bar too?

Going on further with the Christmas spirit the voice actors for Solid Snake (David Hayter) and Liquid Snake (Cam Clarke) have donned their Christmas sweaters and some cute antlers to read you a Christmas classic with a Metal Gear spin, cleverly titled The Night Before Metal Gear.

Personally, I love that David Hayter looks the part of the crabby Uncle Solid Snake who has probably been pregaming prior to the Christmas family dinner.

Please enjoy a Children’s classic by watching the video below.


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