LGAcast 002 – The Dark Truth Behind Kirby

How much do you want to hear about Fortnite? In this episode Justin unknowingly sprinkles in a healthy dose of Fortnite in every corner of the recording. And what’s the deal with cell phone trends? Why can’t we just get what everyone wants, better battery life?

Marcus talks at length about how terrible Kirby is, and we both agree he may be one true Nintendo villain. He also discusses what he believes is a good value when it comes to DLC and expansions

Team 17 teases new content for Overcooked 2, and Justin writes the entire concept for the next two games for them; perfect ideas that will never see the light of day.

To round things off, they discuss what would happen if Halo Infinite were to be free to play. Would it kill Fortnite? They seem to think so!

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