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6400_notrans.fwDear readers,

As of today, LGA’s content would like to focus strictly on big gaming news rather than sweating the small stuff–so to speak. After our month long hiatus, we are back and running with fresh ideas and a more focused goal. Our old posts will remain along with their original authors, but going forward LGA’s news will be finer tuned.

LGA wants to thank you for visiting our website, and we sincerely apologize for our lack of content.

Additionally, LGA would like to invite you to check out our local tournaments on our server involving our home teams LGA Pyre and LGA Pura lead by our team captains, Erebos8 and Mandexman. Here you can read about upcoming tournaments, wins, losses, and other esports news from around the world.

Here you will be able to access more than just game and esports news. We will be posting our in-depth game reviews, opinion pieces, podcasts, and YouTube videos. So be sure to check in if you’re interested!

But who wants to lose all of the benefits the small news gives us? It has some use if only to make us laugh, yes? One final thing I wish to bring is Rubbish Report where once a week we will cover the silliest of news stories. And what’s more is that we hope it’ll give you a little chuckle smack dab in the middle of your work week when you are most likely at the peak of your boredom.

Going forward we hope to engage our community better than before so we ask you if there are genres or news categories, games or topics that you’d like us to cover we can certainly appeal to our readers.

For requests email Frost at

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