This Thursday Is Your Last Chance To Play Fallout 76 Before Release

Fallout Promo of player in armor.

The Fallout 76 has been a divisive mess in the gaming community across the last week or so with many people having different opinions on how good the game is and how much Bethesda can actually fix before release.

If you want to get a chance to play the game and take a stance on this subject, then tomorrow is your last chance to do it. The game will be up for 6 hours from 2pm to 8pm ET. This is one of the longer sessions players have been given with Bethesda mostly having offered 2 to 4 hour sessions for players.

This is your last chance to decide whether you actually want to play this game or cancel your pre-order. If you do want the game, you’ll want to get it downloaded now if you haven’t so already because it will take a while.

This will be my second chance to play the B.E.T.A since Bethesda’s times haven’t been very friendly for EU players so make sure to have your schedule cleared or else you’ll miss this window.

Will you be taking part in the last beta window for Fallout 76? Have you played it already and made up your mind? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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