The Sims 4 Is Getting A First Person Mode

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Yesterday during their monthly updates and announcements on Maxis Monthly, the team for The Sims gave us a few updates on what will be coming and changing for the game. There will be a patch coming to PC on November 13th that will add a first-person point of view camera to enjoy during gameplay. Additionally, this patch will correct many bugs as well as add a new terrain feature.

This particular patch for this has not yet been announced for the console so do bear that in mind.

Steve Lansing, one of the games enginers, gave us the background as to where this idea came from. He explained that it was a bit of a joke at first when a short video featuring the first-person point of view was sent out to the team. This then sparked into a legitimate idea that we can now look forward to!

Check out Maxis Monthly below if you’d like further details and knowledge.

Additionally, upcoming Expansion Get Famous has a few important dates following up to its release on November 16th. For more information see the tweet down below!

What do you think of this first person mode? Will you find it more immersive? Could this lead to a possible Sims game in VR? Let us know in the comments down below!

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