Why we’re hyped for Fnatic versus Invictus Gaming!

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Riot Games League of Legends World Tournament

Get ready for the seat gripping battle of two exceptional teams!

Fnatic and Invictus Gaming are going head to head in an intense series for the Summoner’s Cup. These teams have beat the odds this year and made it past titans from Korea like SK Telecom 1 and KT Rolster. Fnatic versus IG is being talked about as the most anticipated World Tournament the League of Legends community has seen in years.

Fnatic is an unshakeable team from Europe that holds the title of winning the first World Championship. They left a legacy when they took the throne of being the first winners. This season they made a monumental comeback with exceptionally well thought out plays and team compositions. Fnatic dominated C9 after they had an almost miraculous run by making their early game presence unrelenting. Fnatic’s Caps was able to outshine Jensen’s performance in the midlane, and Bwipo was making clutch plays in the toplane, allowing him to snowball along with Caps. Rekkles is making game changing plays and picks like he usually does, being the original carry of Fnatic. The anticipation is high as to whether Fnatic can take their throne as World Champions again, or if they will take a knee to the up and coming talent, Invictus Gaming.

Fnatic and Invictus Gaming are standing next to the Summoners Cup
Fnatic and Invictus Gaming are standing next to the Summoners Cup

Invictus Gaming, on the other hand, is a new team that is showing remarkable talent. This team has solid members such as Rookie and especially TheShy. Rookie has a map control play style similar to Faker’s that is going to pose trouble for Caps. TheShy was able to crowd please and lay waste to his opponents in the semifinals, making this team look like a fierce opponent to Fnatic, while electrifying the League of Legends community as this match up is going to be explosive. Watching Invictus Gaming play, I can say without a doubt that this Final is going to be close. This team might even be able to upset the original talent that is Fnatic. Which is why the League of Legends community is anticipating this game so much. Due to us breaking away from having two Korean teams facing off in the Finals, with SKT making an appearance for the last 3 years, this Worlds is going to shake things up and has gotten the community hyped!

Stadium hosting League of Legends World Finals
Stadium hosting League of Legends World Finals

Go to https://www.lolesports.com/en_US/worlds/world_championship_2018/matches/elimination/r3m1
To vote for you who you think is going to win world finals. I’ll see you all in the chat at 1:30am!

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