Layers Of Fear 2 Announced

Bloober Team's announcement for Layers of Fear 2 promotional art
Bloober Team’s announcement for Layers of Fear 2

The news of Layers of Fear getting a second game has spread like wildfire around social media. So much so that Bloober Team’s Twitter announcement had all of the surprise taken out of it! Other than the announcement, nothing else has been said concerning what platforms or release dates.

Many of us have been speculating and waiting patiently since Bloober announced earlier this year that Layers of Fear “will continue”, and they delivered well on their promise with the release of an official trailer.

I can assume that the new game will not continue the artist’s story from the original game, but will look into a new plot with all new characters. Again, this is only speculation as nothing else has been clarified. Obviously, the theme is old movie pictures so the opportunities there are endless.

Layers of Fear originally released in 2016 and was a huge hit among the masses, and earning itself quite a list of rewards including Best Horror Game from Windows Centeral.

I find it eerily fitting that this was announced on the day my own review for the original game launched for our spooky week festivities. There are a lot of things the game did well which were things that the game rightly earned rewards for including Best Art. It just wasn’t a scary game for me. Regardless, I’m eager to see something new come from Bloober. Their last game was successful, so I can only imagine that they will strive to hit top quality.

Did you guys enjoy the original game? Are you looking forward to a new one? Let us know in the comments.

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