Dream Daddy Dadrector’s Cut Coming To PS4 October 30th

Dream Daddy main menu
Game Grump’s Dream Daddy: A Dating Simulator

The hit comedy/dating simulator Dream Daddy from Game Grumps is making its console debut on PS4 at the end of this month.

The game follows a customizable Daddy player as he moves to a new area with his daughter Amanda. Throughout the game, you get plenty of opportunities to meet other Daddies and go on dates with them. This game is developed by Game Grumps and features the same great comedy you can find on their Youtube channel.

I played the game last year when it came out on PC but I’m still interested in this new edition because it features deleted scenes and a new mini-game that I’ve never played before. I’ll definitely be booting it up on my PC if the new content comes to that version since I don’t own a PS4. I love that this game brings exclusively gay dating to a video-game since it is something that is never seen and brings light to an often ignored community of games.

The game will be out for PS4 on October 30th. It is not on the PlayStation Store yet so I am not sure of the price but I will update when it is available. You can check out the trailer for the game below.

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