New Minecraft Game Announced At Minecon

Minecon 2018 boston
 Minecon 2018

On Saturday at this year’s Minecon in Boston, developer Mojang announced a new Minecraft game Minecraft: Dungeons. As the title suggests, this new game is intended to be a dungeon crawling game. The game will allow up to 4 players or can be played solo style. This will not be an expansion to Minecraft as we know and love it, but its own game set to be released on PC next year.

Rather than focusing on leisurely exploring and building things as is typical of Minecraft, the game intends to entice its players into being purely adventure-focused. You will also be able to discover new weapons and items. Additionally, the developer intends to introduce new enemies and swarms to encounter.

While not much has been said about it, the game does sound like it will have some sort of plot and main antagonist.

It’s refreshing to see this change in Minecraft. While the original game holds a dear place in many of our hearts, it’s exciting to see something new come to the Minecraft franchise. 

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