Here’s Your Free PlayStation Plus Games For October

Playstation Plus free games for october, laser league and friday the 13th.

PlayStation have revealed the games you’ll be getting for free as part of your membership for October.

On PS4 you can look forward to Friday The 13th which fits in perfectly for October which is of course the spookiest month of the year. The game is a multiplayer only 7 v 1 battle where you play to try and escape or fight Jason. It has a rating of 61 on Metacritic.

You can also look forward to Laser League which reminds me a little bit of Splatoon except with lasers instead of ink. Players will fight in an arena full of lasers and when you shoot a laser it will change color to match your team. The objective is to avoid the other teams lasers. It honestly looks like such a blast to play and it has nice and high Metacritic rating of 82.

On PS3 you can look forward to the bridge( also on PS4 via Cross Buy) and Master Root. On PS Vita you can look forward to Rocketbirds 2: Evolution and 2064 Read Only Memories, both of which are also available on PS4 via cross buy. Additionally for H1Z1 players, you will be receiving the free PlayStation Plus Blueshift pack which will include a blue AR-15 schematic, a Pro Gamer hoodie and a marine blue offroader. Are you happy with what you’re getting for your money this month? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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