My Ending Results For Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1: Roads (Spoilers)

Screenshot of Daniel and Sean Diaz from Life is Strange 2
Daniel and Sean Diaz

This post contains spoilers for Life is Strange Episode 1. You have been warned.

I have just finished my first play through of Life is Strange 2’s first episode and I thought I would share my ending results here for anyone who’s also played the episode and wants to compare. DO NOT move past here if you have not finished the game. I will be listing the results in both image and text form. Be sure to put your results in the comments section! Stay tuned for my full review.

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My Results

  • I kept the chocolate bar for myself
  • I told the truth to Esteban
  • I hugged Esteban
  • I put some money in the ‘Drug money’ jar
  • I confronted Daniel instead of Brett
  • I did not steal in the parking lot
  • I didn’t beg for food
  • I didn’t steal from the gas station
  • I ran away from the old man with Daniel
  • I called Lyla back
  • I promised Daniel i wouldn’t lie to him again
  • Daniel learned about trail-blazing
  • Daniel fell and got dirty
  • Daniel fetched wood for the fire
  • Daniel won the wood race
  • Daniel didn’t learn how to skip stones
  • Daniel didn’t get mad at me in the woods
  • Daniel didn’t have to beg
  • Daniel didn’t have to distract Doris
  • Daniel didn’t eat enough
  • Daniel didn’t get a power bear toy
  • Daniel didn’t steal anything

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