Troy Baker Introduced in Death Stranding

Does anyone else get more confused every time Death Stranding gets a new trailer? I’ve been loosely following the trailers as they come out, and every time I get both excited and concerned for the game. I want to believe that the game will be good, but I fear it might have too much going for it. I hope that Kojima will be able to balance out story and game play in correlation with how complex his plot is looking to be.  

There is a ridiculous amount of lore and story weaving people already have for the new game. I won’t link any articles or videos, but I recall reading and hearing people discuss the characters in detail almost as though they’ve played the whole game already. I’m unsure what their sources are. Every time I try to look into the game I get a headache with all of the explaining and detail. As of right now it seems as though it’s all over the map. Speculation is slippery slope if you ask me. It has a tendency to lead an individual into having too much hope for a game. I’m mostly afraid that after all of this hype the game will not be as amazingly groundbreaking as we want it to be.

Personally I like to stay away from the speculations. I like the element of surprise, so while the game looks confusing, I at least like that Kojima Productions are not trying to give too much away in their trailer releases.

The newest trailer was released at Tokyo Game Show featuring the unveiling of a new character and cast member, Troy Baker, who seems as though he will be playing the main antagonist in the game.

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