Telltale Should Not Be Allowed Finish The Walking Dead Without The Original Team

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In a twist announcement today Telltale tweeted that they are looking for ways to complete episode 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. This is a really nice move for them to make considering a lot of fans of that game series were rumored to be getting left with just half a season except it isn’t a nice move at all. If we ignore the fact that I already suspect this is a ploy to prevent fans from demanding refunds en masse what about all the employees Telltale just fired without so much as a warning or a severance package.

Telltale showed in this tweet that they have received offers from multiple potential partners who want to help see the story come to completion. What about all the people who have dedicated so much time to this game already, and will be left looking for a new job or possibly even a new home because of they worked for a mismanaged company? They’ll be left in the gutter while someone else finishes what could very possibly be an amazing send off to a beloved series if the reviews of this season so far are anything to go by. I find that horrendously unfair.

I personally would like to encourage Telltale to make sure that anyone who worked on The Walking Dead is given a chance to be a part of the series finale. But that’s sadly not even the most important thing Telltale needs to worry about right now. The Walking Dead should be thrown out entirely if it would mean allowing the company to pay a severance package to all those people who lost their job. Telltale has prioritized getting money from Netflix to complete the Minecraft game for Netflix instead of paying severance and that is something I find to be completely despicable.

Your fans put you in the highlight and built you up to the glory you once had Telltale. Honor the workers that those fans admired so much by treating them properly and decently and giving them the respect and care they deserve.

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