Devolver Digital Offers To Continue Stranger Things Game For Netflix

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Today on Twitter Devolver Digital offered to continue the Stranger Things project that the ill-fated Telltale Games had been working on over the past months. They offered up a talented development studio called NoCode who made the horror gamed collection known as Stories Untold. Their involvement in that kind of genre and storytelling definitely lends the studio well to the Stranger Things franchise. Not to be outdone  the publisher even used the #TelltaleJobs hashtag that has been shared across Twitter by ex-employees looking to find new jobs to feed their families. Devolver stated they would love to have the people who were originally working on the game come join this new one to see their vision come to life.

This news follows a statement Netflix made to Polygon earlier today that said they were still looking for ways to make a Stranger Things video-game happen. I had previously joked with my colleagues that THQ Nordic might buy up whatever IP Telltale had access to considering their recent track record of buying a lot of IP, but maybe more people will be vying for the remains of Telltale than I anticipated. Tell us what you think in the comments below! Who will bring us the Stranger Things game? We’d love to here from you!

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