Telltale Games Closes, Leaving Everyone Jobless And Unprepared

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Earlier this morning detailed story began unraveling concerning the demise of Telltale Games. As of this morning, 250 people lost their jobs, leaving only 25 behind to finish Telltale’s “final obligations to its board and partners” as mentioned in the below official statement released by Telltale Games and CEO Pete Hawley.

The skeleton crew of 25 people are rumored to be working on the Minecraft Story Mode project for Netflix. This information comes from anonymous sources. Regardless, it’s hard to say what’s true and what’s not true concerning the details at this point.

Here’s what we know so far thanks to the tweets from Emily Grace Buck who has been very active in providing us with part of the story as well as expressing her disappointment and shock.

Emily then goes on to tweet more information concerning the shock of today, such as how this came completely out of nowhere. People were allegedly hired as recently as a week ago so it’s understandable that everyone would be unsuspecting of a mass lay-off of employees.

Additionally Emily lets us know what she suspects will happen for the future of the projects.

She makes a very valid point that as of right now it is inappropriate to ask about or make the welfare of the games more of an issue over the welfare of the individuals who lost their livelihood today.

Many speculate that the downfall of this company is due to poor management and everyone has an opinion on this situation, but Emily gives us some advice concerning that as well. She continues to tweet:

As the story updates so too will this article. Be sure to check back for new information, and do try to remember that as of right now it is not appropriate to tweet out to anyone who has lost their job.

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