Amnesia Collection Coming To Xbox One September 28th

Amnesia Collection Promo

Xbox is finally getting the cult classic Amnesia games through the Amnesia Collection which launches next week on Friday the 28th just in time for spooky October! This collection bundles the first Amnesia game The Dark Descent along with it’s expansion, Justine and sequel A Machine for Pigs. The is even a new hard mode which has been added to The Dark Descent.

The collection was already available on PC where the games originally launched and the collection launched on PlayStation 4 in 2016. Clearly it’s just coming to Xbox now due to some exclusivity deal with Sony expiring. The Metacritic score for the PlayStation version is relatively high so if you’re into horror games it should be worth checking out with a very reasonable price of $26.99 for all three games. Let us know what you think in the comments below. We’ve linked the Xbox trailer and the PlayStation trailer from 2016 because in my opinion it’s a much better trailer than the new one released today.

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