Sony’s Spider-Man Bundle is the perfect way to get into the game for those without a PlayStation 4

Playstation PS4 Pro Spider-Man Console with controller
Image via PlayStation on YouTube

Sony has released a limited edition for Insomniac’s new game Spider-Man. It includes a red PS4 Pro console featuring a white Spider-Man icon. The bundle comes with a matching red DualShock 4 wireless controller along with the latest Spider-Man game.

If you like the color red then this bundle is definitely for you. The console is not a muted red color, like what we’re used to seeing with the older Spider-Man games, but a bright true color of red to match the latest Spider-Man costume from the Marvel movies.

Spider-Man in Homecoming
From Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming

Personally I would prefer if it was more of a muted red color. I can’t imagine it would look good in any decor for the average entertainment center in a living room, but if you’re unconcerned about matching console and tech in entertainment centers then the color shouldn’t bother you. It is unique and fun looking. This is quite the refreshing update from what we’re used to seeing in consoles that tend to favor more dark colors.

Please note that the bundle does not come with a vertical stand as displayed in the advertising picture.

This bundle is going for the cost of a PS4 Pro by itself. So essentially you’re getting a $60 game for free. With the upcoming holidays this could make a good present for those who don’t have a PS4 yet.

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