Dr. Disrespect’s Home Fired On During Stream

Dr disrespect on stream addressing his audience about the shooting
Guy Beahm after his house was fired upon for the second time – via Twitch

While streaming Call of Duty’s Blackout beta today, popular streamer Guy Beahm, more commonly known as Dr. Disrespect, had his house fired upon by an unknown driver. He disappeared from his stream for a few moments after this happened, and when he returned he told his audience he would be ending his stream early. He was understandably emotional and stated that this was the second shooting because the same incident had occurred yesterday. It is reported that no one was harmed, but damage was done to an upstairs window in the house.

This brings attention once more to a shocking culture of risking streamers lives for fun with the popularity of swatting, attacking, or harassing streamers out in public. All we can say is that we hope that everyone involved is safe, and that the police are able to identify the criminal(s) and bring them to justice.

There have been many cries of support on twitter with people pointing out that Guy Beahm also has a wife and child who live with him and people need to stop using streamers for their own sick entertainment. Risking the lives of innocent people and their family is utterly disgusting.

Below you can find some of these tweets and a clip from the stream, courtesy of  Timsunshine. Warning: there is vulgar language and it may be shocking for some. We would like to say we stand with all streamers and do not condone any act that would harm them or their families. We will update this story with any further news. Let us know what you think can be done to help protect streamers in the comments below.

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