Xbox All Access Is Not As Good Value As Some May Tell You

Xbox One S Project Scorpio Edition
Image via Xbox Wire

Today Microsoft finally announced the long rumored Xbox All Access financing plan for the United States. The service gives you a 24 month subscription to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass along with either an Xbox One X or an Xbox One S, the price of which will also be added to your monthly subscription. The monthly price is 35$ for an Xbox One X and $22 for an Xbox One S.

However, two publications who we won’t be naming as to avoid any trouble have done their math wrong and have accidentally told their readers they’re saving way more than they are. These publications worked out that with Xbox All Access you only end up paying $48 for an Xbox One S or $360 for an Xbox One X. The way they worked this out was by taking $10 a month for Xbox Live and an additional 10$ for Xbox Game Pass and removing them from the monthly fees of $22 and $35. This left them with $2 and $15 for an Xbox One S and Xbox One X respectively, which they then multiplied by 24 months leaving the total price for each console as $48 and $360.

You might be thinking that this math checks out, but what was failed to be taken into account is that you can get Xbox Live for a lot less than $10 a month, in fact you can get it for half that price. Let’s say for example, you decided you were gonna buy two years of Xbox Live, the same commitment you are making with Xbox All Access. Would you choose to buy twenty-four 1 month Xbox Live subscriptions or two 1 year subscriptions. It would certainly mean typing in a lot less activation codes on those horrible console keyboards using the controller, but it’ll also save you a lot of money. Not only that but ayears worth of Xbox Live can be bought on the Microsoft Store for $60, which works out at $5 for every month.

The really interesting part is what happens when we take $15 out of the monthly price instead of 20. We get left with $168 and $480. This means you’re still saving money, A retail Xbox One S costs $300 and an Xbox One X costs $500. It’s just not as good of a deal as others were promising, and it makes Microsoft seem a lot less generous than they probably want to be perceived as. especially with such a small discount on the Xbox One X for an entire two year commitment to their services. Leave your thoughts about this price difference down in the comments below!

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