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The original that started the nightmare. With the newest Kingdom Hearts release just around the corner, I figure the least I could do would be to play through the games from scratch to really put myself in the mood to care about the highly anticipated game which releases at the start 2019.
The story has gotten rather complex since I first discovered Square Enix’s hit success back in high school. At the time it was revolutionary to combine both western and eastern forms of media. Seeing Disney characters interacting with beloved Final Fantasy characters was like a crossover dream come true.
The first game was enchanting to say the least. Fun, colorful, exciting, perfect for a child who was looking for any excuse not to do homework. And let’s all face the facts: we hold the series so near and dear in our hearts because a lot of us were just children when the game was originally released, and the majority of us have grown leaving us to feel both conflicted and nostalgic as we await KHIII.
Maybe you’re looking forward to the newest game but you have zero time to play through the old games again as an adult. I get it; we all lead busy lives. Maybe some of you have moved on to have families, or are busy with way too many chores around the house, or perhaps your career is holding you down. Maybe some of you don’t even know where to start as a lot of in-between-games have been adding up in the last 16 years since the original games release back in 2002.
Whatever the case I hope this Follow Frost helps you out and saves you some time. I’ll be playing through all of the games–except for the mobile games–and reviewing them one by one, retelling the plot and giving an opinion on the mechanics and fluidity of the game play. I hope you find my spark notes to be useful. Perhaps you can determine which ones are worth your own time to play and can revisit some of the old feel-good-times of your adolescence.
If you want to participate and leave your own opinions in the comments I will be playing the games in this following order: Please note that I will not be reviewing any of the secret endings

[ ] Birth by Sleep Final Mix (1.5+2.5 – PS4)
[ ] Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (1.5+2.5 – PS4)
[ ] Re: Chain of Memories (1.5+2.5 – PS4)
[ ] 358/2 Days (DS)
[ ] Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (1.5+2.5 – PS4)
[ ] Re: coded (DS)
[ ] 3D: Dream Drop Distance (3DS / 2.8 – PS4)

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The journey starts in September!

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