Android Pie Has Official Support For The Xbox One Controller

Green Xbox One controller via xbox design labs
Green Xbox One controller via Xbox Design Labs

When Microsoft released the Xbox One S in 2016 they also released a new version of the Xbox One wireless Controller with Bluetooth support. This theoretically meant the controller could work with any Bluetooth device such as a laptop or a phone but on Android some games didn’t quite work that well. XDA-Developers have reported that this was fixed with Android Pie which left beta not too long ago. An unnamed Google engineer closed a bug report on these controller mapping issues on the 22nd of August after two years noting “This bug should be fixed in P… therefore, marking this as fixed,”.

With official support for one of the most popular controllers in the world now on Android we have to wonder, how many people will actually be able to take advantage of this feature thanks to Android update fragmentation, and of course, will possibly the most popular game in the world right now, Fortnite, add support for this controller, or any controllers. It could also be really good for mobile virtual reality. Most mobile virtual reality controllers have very few buttons or aren’t very ergonomic, the Xbox One controller could let people use something they’re more familiar with. Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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